It’s what happens to anyone who asks the right questions about a new, so-green-it’s-black, product for the roofing industry. That’s right, it happens all the time: People get excited!
It begins as a discarded old passenger tire. Yet this tire did not end up in a landfill, did not get burned up or dropped into the ocean. It made it to Shredded Tire Inc., where they shred it into mulch, sent all the metal to the recycler — and then did something really cool. They gave it a new and better life!
They took this tire mulch with nylon strands and blended it with some portland cement and waste slag to achieve a 87% certified recycled content. Finally, they added a drop of water — and what do you think happened?
An indestructible block was formed (Miami Dade uplift -502 psf) that will last for thousands of years; gets stronger with age (says the 5,000 hour age test); is fire-rated (Class A, UL tested assembly); is a natural insulator (R - 1.31 per inch); is moisture-resistant, mold-resistant and bug-resistant; will never rot; allows free flowing water through it (says the UL flow test); and saves millions of trees by replacing wood nailers (per the TAS-111 test from PRI). It will fill any mold, however big or small, and after only three days, emerge from that mold a perfect specimen every single time. It’s simple and easy to make, the raw material is abundantly available in every small town throughout the world, and it’s internationally patent-approved. So what’s not to get excited about!
This new structural roof insulation can and will be made everywhere in the world, all while clearing our planet of a waste that now defiles it. And it starts right here in Miami, Florida — the city that brings it to the world.

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