Drip edge securely fastened directly into our ECHO™  roofing system.

Slope-to-drain insulation system with reverse slope on top provides flat, permeable top layer that draws water to bottom layer and directs it into a drain. Perfectly suitable for flat concrete decks that require a drainage system with a leveled surface for walking areas, green roofs, rooftop golf courses – the possibilities are endless. 

With over 30 years of roofing experience in the commercial high end residential market we have come across many difficulties that come with standard tapered roofing systems. Traditional roofing systems that use insulation board as part of their sloping system cannot get wet, compress easily with weight, cannot be fastened to directly, are difficult to incorporate in a "green roof" application, and are made with environmentally toxic material.

​ECHO™ – so named for repeating the life cycle of tires – has been years in the making. When the idea of ECHO™ was first introduced, we had very specific goals in mind: to eliminate problems currently associated with traditional roofing systems and to utilize an over-abundant resource that is currently harming our environment. 

The benefits  are diverse.

ECHO™ can get wet without compromising its functionality.
ECHO™  is strong, with a tested uplift strength of -502.5 PSF with a safety factor of 2 – nothing else even comes close!
ECHO™  can have metal, such as drip edges, fastened directly into it without the need for wood backing.
ECHO™   eliminates extra cost associated with dividing roof and planter area.
ECHO™  provides an insulation value of R 1.31 per inch, which allows for a drastic reduction of insulation board, and in some applications eliminates the need for it altogether.
ECHO™ , with a Certified by SCS Global minimum 93% recycled content at 12" thickness, provides LEED points that current roofing systems simply cannot.   


With conventional roofing systems, concrete barriers have to be erected when introducing a planter area where your roofing system ends. ECHO™   eliminates the need for this separation. Simply fasten your root barrier to ECHO™   block and continue with your planter area. 

International Patent Pending